West Coast, Gulf Island Tiny Home
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Thursday, January 18, 2018
By Billie Woods Photography
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Tiny Homes, we love tiny homes! You can create your own or now a days buy one prefab. While many would dream of having this space to call there actual full time home, this was built for the purpose of being a comfortable space while the owner of the land builds her home. Apparently with her 10 children + grandchildren she will not be in the market to sell after her home is built, I asked. haha  The space was built by a unique combination of the builders input and the owners love for vintage finds. Jesse picked the wood and commented that everything was custom done. From the Farm feeding shower/tub to the light fixtures. Everything was hand picked and it was Jess's job to make it work.

More Info Below from Jesse

The Tiny Home build actually started as a renovation. The client purchased the tiny home framed and sided with windows and doors installed. I was then hired to finish the interior and help over see the sub trades. Ive attached a few early pictures of how it arrived at my shop, installing the floor and raising the loft. There was a whole
pile of issues that came up at this point, the roof needed to be replaced, insulation issues such as venting and floor insulation called for a large amount of the work to be re done before I could begin to work on the finish. I ended up re framing most of the roof, lifting the loft height inside and back framing and assessing structural issues. I also replaced a large amount of the exterior, leaving only the siding, windows and front door, which had to be repaired and painted. We also added an old port hole window above the storage staircase that the client had, we paint stripped and re finished it as well. The location of the existing loft and the windows presented a huge design issue, especially when it came to finding places for storage. After a few designs back and forth with the client, we agreed on a layout and went forward. The location of services (plumbing and electrical) was a huge challenge in such a small space. The sub trades and myself had to be creative and work together on this a lot, luckily with a lot patience, we were able to provide for all the clients needs. As far as the finishing goes, the open concept shower/tub presented a serious challenge, the solution was ordering a custom stainless steel flashing pan that was installed over the feed through to ensure no leaks and create a feel of a comfortable professional shower insert. The storage staircase created some much needed shelves, drawers and a coat closet, as well as givings hear strength to the structure. We felt a handrail was necessary for safety and comfort, it was custom welded and really turned out well! One of my favorite details. There are also metal bars installed for hanging clothing to dry from the loft and hanging pots and pans in the kitchen. The counter tops are all live edge local Douglas Fir, beautiful massive slabs finished with an oil based stain and tongue oil finish. having a 26.5" slab to work with helped hide the washing machine and create a nice flow in the kitchen. The bathroom had to be as small as possible, but actually feels quite comfortable. The small10" toilet, a corner sink and the sliding barn door helped keep it feeling roomy. The floors are 100% vinyl floating click flooring that is durable and waterproof, good for boots and the clients dog. The couch folds out into a spare bed for guests, and the lower counter top acts as an office space. The loft is massive, creating a whole other living space private from the rest of the home. The window sills in the bump outs are all local cedar live edge, adding character and matching up with the counters. All the trim is oil finished fir,somewhat weathered to add the feel of age and character. The fir treads on the staircase are also lightly stressed and aged as well.The colour scheme was meant to be warm and neutral, allowing the clients bright curtains, blankets and possessions to be the needed colour and focal point of the home. I really love all the old trinkets, handles and hooks the client added to the space. Renovations are always challenging to get right, I felt that together we created a very warm and lovely space for the client to enjoy.

All my work is on my instagram account @cottonwoodstudio

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