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Sunday, May 14, 2017
By Saltspring Island engagement Billie Woods Photography
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Katia + Myles are getting married at the end of July and I am so glad I get to be there to capture their day! I had so much fun with them on Friday taking these photos. They are such an animated, fun couple. We even got to see the sun for a bit. Engagement session at the top of Juniper on Saltspring Island, BC.

Thursday, March 09, 2017
By Billie Woods Vancouver Island Wedding Photography
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Here is an example Photo album that you receive with the full day package. Thanks to Tyler + Brianne for letting me use the images.

Sunday, November 27, 2016
By Billie Woods Photography
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The story of our first born baby goes back now about a year and half but the story of the birth its self has just began. We decided to take off on an adventure and stay in Cowichan Bay while we await her arrival. We found an amazing set of midwifes, rented a funky float home and brought our sweet Nessa for the ride. There is nothing like the feeling when you are on vacation and I think its the best state to be while I get myself ready. Long sleep in's, yoga session's, great food, knitting, reading, cuddling and all around relaxation is our current state. We have booked the place for 2 weeks and are not limited too. Hoping that our sweet baby girl will arrive this week sometime. I feel like I am almost all ready. Being here in itself is perfect enough.  Photo #1 ~ The float home we are staying on, #2 Luke and the 15 min of sun we got today, #3 break at an all day breakfast place...yessssss, #4 just looking out of the harbour, #5 On a Sea Lion tour, they are just beyond our visual reach but we hear these beauty sea dogs all day long. #6 Almost 100 of them this year. They come out during fishing season when the salmon come down, late September early October and they just hang out.

There are so many forest's and great places to explore. We live in such an amazing place. This is a park just past Cobble Hill.

The anticipation is growing incredibly strong. Day dreaming about holding my baby as I feel her move around inside me. Its hard to tell exactly what she is doing and I have no idea what she feels but I lavish in every moment.   

I was lucky enough to participate in weekly prenatal yoga classes with Shannon Cowan. I recorded a few sessions to bring along and its been so wonderful to follow along at 4 am or in the afternoon. The kundalini class she teaches is full of breath and flow, its really quite beautiful.

Food Food Food! I am usually in charge of the breakfast, my favourite meal to make. knoth Farm pouched eggs on Laughing Daughters oat bread, with ghee + goat cheese. Side of culture live saurcraut + a dill pickle. Island farmed turkey sausage with old fashioned mustard, also my favourite side dish steamed broccoli.  All organic of course!   

My mucus plug went and I started to have some contractions so my mom was on the first boat she could! Even though we told her it was probably nothing. She said "well it would brake my heart to miss anything" so on the 3pm ferry she went. Its been really wonderful to have her here. Luke made a really nice dinner and we played some cards. I had 6 hours of contractions pretty close together then was able to fall asleep. So far nothing more, so we shale see. 

A nice visit with my older sister Bree. She showered me with gluten free baking goodies. 

Luke finally got his long awaited anchor tattoo and I am so glad he waited. Albert from Modern Traditions is awesome! Also so worth the photo Luke decided to get his ring finger tattooed since just a few weeks ago he miss placed his wedding ring. The tattoo is with 3 circles, one for each of us. I am not however uploading the photo of Luke's face when Albert started to tattoo his finger, apparently it didn't tickle. 

At this point Luke and I are still really enjoying our get away and sleep in's so not jumping up and down yet. My mom went home to relax and promises next time there is a sign she won't panic...haha It was really nice to have her here though and I got to hear so many great stories last night. I love getting to know my mom more and our history. She also enjoyed the relaxation. The midwife is scheduled to visit tomorrow and the actual due date isn't till Dec 3rd this Saturday, so lots of time.

Time to introduce our incredible midwife! Selena came for a home visit on the float home and we had so much fun. There is a photo of me laughing because she is hilarious! Found out things are going really well and I am already 3 cm dilated. Ive had sessions of contractions in-between really great nights of sleep and she said its all part of it and helping. Its better to do that she said then marathon through it all at once. Alright its on!

Okey its time that I finish this story. Our little laila is turning 5 months next week and is doing so well.

The contractions started at 12:30 am and I knew that is was time. Without any conscious thought about it I went to have a shower to prepare myself. I tried to keep quiet and let Luke and my family sleep as long as they could because i would need their help!  As soon as the midwife arrived she told us I was already 9 cm dilated and it would only be a short 30 minuets or so before I was ready to push. I was more relieved for the sake of my fabulous support to not have to rub my back anymore every 4 minuets.

When it was time to push I tried a few different positions. Squatting, on my side but I ended up in the non traditional and medically preferred back position. Whatever works my midwife said and that was working. in retrospect it could have been a time thing and any of those positions would have probably worked. Once i started pushing though i didn't want to move or even open my eyes. One of the midwife gave me a cold cloth to put on my head and i loved having it cover my eyes. I could then really go in and concentrate on learning how to give birth.

Friday, July 15, 2016
By Billie Woods Photography Vancouver Island
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Sonia + Adam's Gorgeous wedding at Bird's Eye Cove. I love photographing weddings at Bird's Eye Cove. The property seems to be placed in a Valley of surrounding mountains right next to the ocean. I have seen some amazing sunset's and even double rainbows!!  Best of all the people who run it are really wonderful to work with. The Highland Cows are so lovely to watch, the chickens are hilarious and the pigs are some what of a spectacle. We get to go up and hang out with the farm animals while we take photos of the bridal party. The building that holds the reception and sometimes an indoor ceremony was built just for it and really is ideal. Upstairs there is a loft like area where usually the ladies get ready and there are a few sneaky entrances that are great when your keeping the bride away from peeping eyes before the ceremony. I also really like this venue because its just a 15 min drive from the crofton ferry so a nice and easy commute for me coming from Salt Spring Island. Adam was a groom's men at a wedding I shot last summer so it was so nice to hang out with them all again, super fun group of friends. This wedding was put together by Blue Lily Event Planning.

Saturday, July 02, 2016
By Billie Woods Wedding Photography Vancouver Island
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Erinn + John found me through one of there good friends Cora who worked at Blush in Victoria. I feel so good when the wedding clients I get are referred to me. I really liked Erinn + John as soon as I met them and during their engagement session they even played a song on guitar and sang, I was hooked. I was really excited to check out the Merridale Estate Winery since I had never been there before so i got there really early to enjoy the place and have a yummy lunch at the restaurant. All the staff was really helpful and friendly and gave me some great tips about how the day was going to unfold. As guest's started arriving I actually knew about 10-12 of them because of Erinn's past work on Salt Spring Island with the famous Sally Sunshine.