Meet Billie Woods

A great photograph to me is not one that achieves the requirements to submit to a magazine or one that fits "my style" or my branding. A great photograph is one that captures a moment of time and hopefully helps tell a story. I strive to capture those "real" moments that pass all to quickly. A photo session should be fun and be about who you are, not how I want to pose you. The best compliments I receive is when I truly capture a glimpse of ones personality.

 I love people. I love talking to strangers on the street, just as much as a deep and intimate conversation with an old friend. I grew up on this beautiful Island called Salt Spring and after attending photography school and travelling for 10 years decided to make it my full time home. I am married to the love of my life and our baby girl was born last December 2016. 

Educated and fully inspired I have been working professionally for over 14 years.

I just can't wait to see what this wedding season will bring!